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HOME CLIMATE CONTROL – Best Practice for Setup

So, you’ve decided that your home needs a new climate control system… The next question is, is it something that you can set up by yourself or is it something that is better left to the professionals? Mayflower London explores the possibilities in this blog. So, you’ve decided that your home needs a new climate […]

Calibrating Speakers for Home Cinema

In this blog we explore how the right levels of speaker calibration can be influential in creating a perfectly immersive AV experience to suit any personal preferences.  Calibrating speakers often makes a huge impact when it comes to enjoying and fully experiencing audio and visual content to its full potential. In this blog we explore […]

HOME CINEMA – Bespoke Furniture For the Film Fanatic

Mayflower London look at bespoke home cinema furniture, an aspect of your immersive viewing experience that can be that decadent icing that’s been missing from your home cinema cake. So now that you’ve created a wonderful home cinema room with an equally wonderful home cinema system in it, what’s next? Why not top it all […]

6 Home Cinema Setup


In this blog we briefly highlight the elements that make up an effective, highly functional, automated and integrated home cinema. Previously, a home cinema room with its accompanying system would require an array of remote controls which had to be used individually to switch on all of their respective functions. Nowadays, home cinema automation will […]

HOME CINEMA -The Importance of Lighting for the Viewing Experience

Mayflower London look at lighting combinations that enhance the Home Cinema experience, whether you’re an action film fanatic, a sports fan, or a viewer that favours calming documentaries. Lighting settings for home cinema can vary enormously, and their effectiveness can be very much dependent on the content being viewed as well as the personal preferences […]


In this blog Mayflower London ask the questions that need to be answered and offer a few choice tips for choosing and setting up your personalised, dream home cinema setup. So you’re about to purchase all the equipment you need to make your dream home cinema setup a reality. Although you’re no expert, you’ve also […]

Installing a SMART HOME Automation System with CRESTRON

Always the first port of call when Mayflower’s team are seeking to add a spine to the blueprint design of a household’s automated system, Crestron offer the most definitively customisable and scalable solutions available to homeowners in the home automation marketplace. Offering multiple home automation products alongside that effectively enhance the operation of their core […]

Installing a SMART HOME Automation System with ELAN

Forever mentioned as an industry leader in the field of home automation systems as well as being the premier UK based provider company for these systems, Elan have specialised in this area for many years, and have always created some of the most high quality and long lasting automation technology, coupled with user friendly controls […]


Why you need a Lutron Lighting system in your Home

Automated lighting control systems at home, at work, or now, working from home, can make a marked difference, helping to turn mundane daily routines into every day enjoyable moments. If you are looking to add that impressive finishing touch to your home design, a lighting automation system is a perfect addition to your home. Most […]

Best Ways To Automate Your Home Office for Working From Home

Working from home is a concept that many of us have had to adjust to over the last few months, and with little sign of heading back into the office any time soon, adjusting your home office space to align with your daily work needs is essential for maximizing your productivity. You would be surprised […]


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