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Experts in home automation systems, including home cinema systems, mood lighting, office lighting, home security and much more...


Home Cinema

Find out how we can design, install, and maintain your bespoke and luxury home theatre.


Secure your environment

We use the latest technology and High-Definition (HD) equipment, including cameras that display colour even at night, as well as record the audio on your premises too.


Career Opportunities

We are hiring, enquire now to find out more.



HOME CLIMATE CONTROL – Basic Setup or Ultimate Setup?

In this blog Mayflower London assess what constitutes a basic and an ultimate climate control setup, and how they fulfill specific household needs. The Question beckons… The straightforward Toyota Prius..? Or a supremely racey Bugatti Veyron? A good piece of steak..? Or the full roast dinner, with all of the scrumptious trimmings?   Just a quick […]

HOME LIGHTING – Why LED lighting is a much needed game changer

Mayflower London highlight how LEDs can play a helpful role in the international push to save the planet and how they have become the ‘go to’ lighting option right across the globe. In this blog we highlight the numerous benefits of LEDs that have led to them becoming the ‘go to’ lighting option for both […]

HOME LIGHTING – The Evolving World of Different Light Bulbs & Light Switches

Mayflower London details the light bulbs and light switches available for use as part of a fresh lighting installation and a fully integrated, bespoke SMART Home automation system.  So, you’ve decided that you want to replace or upgrade the existing lighting system in your home, but all you know about household lighting is that it […]


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Simplify your house with a home automation system. Control all aspects of your home using a simple screen. From lighting to climate control and security, all aspects of your home are controllable.

Who needs to go to the cinema when you have one in your own home? Complete with LED screen, cinema seating and in-floor lighting for an authentic cinema experience.

Clever lighting systems to create the perfect mood in your home, no matter what the scenario. From party vibes to relaxing evenings in, a lighting control system can create the mood for your plans.

Looking to protect and secure your property? A Mayflower security control system is the best way to protect your family and your belongings.

Keep your home or office at the ideal temperature with automatic climate control from Mayflower London.

If you are looking to automate your office with the ability to have a video conference call from the BoardRoom with another department elsewhere in the building, we can install the right system to allow you to do this at the click of a button.

Providing your home and office with the highest quality networking and wiring systems for the fastest possible speeds and connections.

Electronic advertising boards completely remove the tedious job of changing banners manually whilst also making your business appear modern and high-end. At Mayflower, we have the solution to your outside advertising needs.

Case Studies

Who We Work With

Developers and Investors

Mayflower London have extensive experience in large audio and visual project tenders and contract administration. Our team of specialist audio and visual consultants harbour a deep understanding of development projects which allow them to adhere to tight budgets and deadlines to achieve the desired end goal.

Mayflower’s audio and visual consultants partner with developers and investors to leverage the profitability of each project, maximising spend within the brief. Ultimately, Mayflower audio and visual solutions increase the market value and desirability of the property, aiding in a quick sale and increasing returns.

Residential Home Owners

Working directly with homeowners, Mayflower audio and visual consultants provide a tailored, personal service to achieve exactly what you’re looking for, typically exceeding expectations. Our team of audio and visual specialists will lead you and your chosen contractors through the project; from initial design and AV cabling plans, through to installation and commissioning.

Mayflower’s audio and visual solutions leverage the latest technology available, to provide the best possible bespoke smart home system and home cinema solution whilst maximising your project budget.

Commercial Properties

Mayflower audio and visual consultants have a breadth of knowledge in smart office and commercial property building infrastructures.

Mayflower’s in-house consultants provide 360 degree commercial audio visual, IT and security consultancy.

Our smart office and commercial teams can provide a wide variety of solutions including solutions such as cutting-edge IT networks and secure door entry for offices, digital signage solutions and customer/ staff facial recognition services.

Mayflower is a full service consultancy for all smart office, audio and visual solutions in London and across the UK.

Interior Designers

We love working with renowned RIBA architects, M&E consultants and designers. We completely understand the philosophy of working from CAD drawing concepts through to completed designs, and our experience allows us to work with you in such a way as to produce results that are both excellent in form and function.

Our vision is to provide you with an AV solution that will complement the interior design and add value to the property, whilst adhering to current building and M&E regulations in the process.