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Automation Insights

Installing a SMART HOME Automation System with CRESTRON

Always the first port of call when Mayflower’s team are seeking to add a spine to the blueprint design of a household’s automated system, Crestron offer the most definitively customisable and scalable solutions available to homeowners in the home automation marketplace. Offering multiple home automation products alongside that effectively enhance the operation of their core […]

Installing a SMART HOME Automation System with ELAN

Forever mentioned as an industry leader in the field of home automation systems as well as being the premier UK based provider company for these systems, Elan have specialised in this area for many years, and have always created some of the most high quality and long lasting automation technology, coupled with user friendly controls […]


Why you need a Lutron Lighting system in your Home

Automated lighting control systems at home, at work, or now, working from home, can make a marked difference, helping to turn mundane daily routines into every day enjoyable moments. If you are looking to add that impressive finishing touch to your home design, a lighting automation system is a perfect addition to your home. Most […]

Best Ways To Automate Your Home Office for Working From Home

Working from home is a concept that many of us have had to adjust to over the last few months, and with little sign of heading back into the office any time soon, adjusting your home office space to align with your daily work needs is essential for maximizing your productivity. You would be surprised […]

Designing Your Lighting Automation System With Mayflower

Having quality lighting in your home is an underestimated element of our daily lives, with much of our day relying on the use of lighting. Controlling your lighting with a lighting automation system not only improves your day-to-day life but also improves your energy efficiency, cost of living and home design. If you are looking […]

Office Conferencing

Why you need an automation system within your office space

Installing a smart automation system into your office space can help to make everyday work tasks more efficient and time effective. Imagine working in an office where everything can be controlled with ease from several inbuilt digital screens, from lighting to aircon and security systems, it can all be controlled from screens located throughout your […]

Home Cinema Systems

Incorporating a home cinema system is the best way to watch your favourite movies or TV series,  as you allow yourself to become fully immersed in the cinema experience within the comfort of your own home. At Mayflower we specialise in bringing the magic of the cinema to a space within your home, allowing you […]

Smart Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Technology for Your Smart Home

With the development of smart appliances, everyday life has been transformed, with tasks being made shorter and easier to complete. Even your bathroom space should be considered in your home automation plans in order to ensure the space is relaxing and convenient to use on a daily basis. Some of the most exciting tech releases […]

Kitchen Automation

Automating your Kitchen

The kitchen is often thought of as the central hub of your home as it is here that food is cooked, conversations are had and memories are made. One size fits all certainly doesn’t apply to kitchen automation and your personal lifestyle and preferences will control and affect your needs in the kitchen in terms […]

Why You Need a Home Automation System

What is home automation? Home automation works by bringing together all of the smart devices in your home onto a single screen or mobile device, which can then be controlled from anywhere in the world. Devices which can be controlled by home automation range from lighting all the way through to kitchen appliances such as fridges.


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