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Home Network Installations

Experts in automation systems, including home cinema systems, mood lighting, office lighting, security systems and a lot more.


Experts in automation systems, including home cinema systems, mood lighting, office lighting, security systems and a lot more.

Today’s fast moving society drives the need for high quality communication networks in modern homes. We will implement a cabling infrastructure throughout your home, giving you great flexibility and future proofing for many years. Home Network Installation will allow you endless opportunities within the home to share files, gaming and media center experiences with others within your home. Connecting people within your family in their home environment. Home network installation allows you to have all the access you need to Internet, files, folders, media centers and audiovisuals and much more within the home.

Installing a Home Media unit will enable the transmission of Satellite, DVD, VHS, Computer, Stereo, TV, Telephone, Camera and Internet to be sent over twisted pair cable to anywhere in your home. The cables will be hidden in the structure of the building. No more unsightly cables, no more restricted locations – just simple plug and play technology.

What Are The Key Benefits?

  • Ultra flexible – if you want a particular room to receive any of the above, simply plug a device into any outlet and share the source. Whether you are watching a DVD or sharing an ADSL connection.
  • Have Full control of Audio Visual equipment with use of infrared handsets.
  • CCTV cameras can be viewed; channels & inputs can be barred from certain areas if required.
  • No limit to the amount of TV’s linked, no signal degradation, ultra reliable plug and play technology used by blue chip companies for over 10 years.

What Does Home Network Installation Do?


Share anywhere in the premises. Watch, listen and control from any location.


Share files and Internet access; monitor Internet usage – no more worrying about chat rooms!


Move around and plug anywhere.


Monitor from any TV in the premises, simply flick to a channel when wanting to view live CCTV images.

Our Network Installation Promise

As audio/video professionals we form a team with your architect, your interior designer, and your craftsmen. Each discipline brings its expertise and experience to bear on the common goal: create the best space possible for you and your needs. Together the team members propose ideas, improve them, and incorporate them into an overall design of the network installation process. Sometimes there are trade-offs. The best-sounding speaker system might be too visually prominent. Or the room dimensions might be acoustically unfortunate. Or wallpaper in the home theater might tint the video green. In these trade-off situations, we don’t advocate; we educate. Once we’ve informed you of the multi-disciplinary consideration, you can then make your best decisions about your network installation. Our luxury bespoke home cinema systems can be designed to match your requirements and individual needs. We understand that a client’s design needs can be very specific.