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Best Ways To Automate Your Home Office for Working From Home

Working from home is a concept that many of us have had to adjust to over the last few months, and with little sign of heading back into the office any time soon, adjusting your home office space to align with your daily work needs is essential for maximizing your productivity. You would be surprised to see how enhancing your space to suit your working from needs can really take your output to the next level.

If you are lucky enough to have a home office space, then we have put together the best ways for you to take advantage of this and optimise your space with smart home products and home automation systems.

Automated Lighting Systems

Optimal lighting is key in producing a comfortable working environment and the best way to ensure that your lighting is illuminating your space properly is by installing an automated lighting system into your home. These lighting systems are not room-specific, and your lighting system can be installed throughout your home, creating continuity and smoothness throughout the entirety of your home.


It is no surprise that having the correct lighting in your home office can be a major player in your productivity levels and also the professionalism of your work. A poorly lit office can cause tiredness, eye strain and also will mean badly lit zoom calls! With the majority of the country preparing to work from home in the long run, investing in a lighting system that works for you and your daily activities is key. Our lighting systems use “  “ which can be preset depending on the room and the time of the day, this will ensure the lighting is altered at different times throughout the day to optimal productivity.

Our in-house lighting technicians couple intelligent application of the latest in energy-efficient bulbs and sustainable technology with all necessary programming and the desired sequencing. Whether for individual workspaces, screening rooms, or entire offices, Mayflower’s personalised, automated systems are, by their very nature, more effective and efficient than conventional lighting. 

Audio and Visual Systems

Whether you are looking for an audiovisual system in your home to listen to music, or maybe you are looking for high-quality audio solutions for calls and video conferencing, a Mayflower Audio System is the perfect solution for your at-home needs.

Our initial consultation process will help us to understand your individual needs and goals for your home office and how you will be using an audio system on a daily basis. This can allow us to bespoke design your system in order to ensure your office is best suited to your daily needs. 


Our multi-room audio solutions mean that you can listen to different audios in different rooms of the house, meaning your family can be listening to music in the kitchen, whilst you tune into a conference call in the office. 

Networking Systems

Finally, why not take your home office to the next level with a Mayflower London Home Networking system? A home network is simply a group of devices, such as your laptops, games systems, mobiles and printers that all connect to each other and also a shared internet system. With increased time working from home, comes increased networking needed in order to keep your home systems working smoothly and connected internally.

With increased family members in the house, your wifi might be feeling the strain, so ensuring you are using the top of the art connectivity system, which is set up correctly is essential.


These are our top three suggestions to improve and enhance your working from home setup. Without the proper measures in place, working from home can be an uncomfortable and unpleasant environment, so taking initial measure sand precautions can improve pro-activity and general well-being. Get in contact with one of our team today to find out more information.


Mayflower International is following Government advice closely and taking all necessary precautions. The health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is always our top priority. Therefore we want to re-assure all our customers that we have put in place continuity plans to ensure providing as many of our services as usual.