Mayflower London

Climate Control Systems

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The Right System For You

When we think of automated heating control system, we don’t think of all of the problems we have previously experienced: high energy bills, too hot, too cold, and so on. How do we get it right and comfortable for everyone?

Mayflower will integrate the perfect automated temperature controller system for you, allowing you to have real-time or programmed automated timed climate control so that your environment is always comfortable and just the way you want it.

Why not make sure that your Bathroom is nice and warm for you and your family during the winter months, or your home is a cool and fresh place to be during the hot summer months with our brilliant heating control system.

Intelligent climate control will not only make your home or office a more comfortable place to be, but it will save on energy bills and the environment in the process.

Office Climate Control

Wouldn’t it be great to control and monitor your whole office or building centrally?  Why not set your conference room to arrive at the perfect temperature for 9 AM so that it’s ready for your morning meeting. Incorporate automated blinds, screen lowering and dimming of lights and start that conference call.