Yacht Automation

Experts in automation systems, including home cinema systems, mood lighting, office lighting, security systems and a lot more.

Luxury Yacht should only ever be considered luxurious if it has expertly designed and installed Automation aboard. To help our clients replicate the comfort and ease they experience at home, we have developed automation for the seas, delivering intuitive solutions for off-shore entertainment.

Each of our residential services are transferable to a sailing vessel, and it is our innovative approach to design that brings such technological advances to potentially compact spaces. Taking to the seas needn’t mean that you abandon technology, and in fact, a luxury yacht can be the perfect setting for experiencing a unique cinematic event.

We tailor our solutions, developing our systems around a structured cabling infrastructure that we install ourselves. We utilise waterproof technology, enabling automation to be accessible across the yacht, and not restricted inside.

For the perfect combination of automation and entertainment, we provide:

Multi-Room Audio

Exceptional sound, even on deck, thanks to cutting-edge Waterproof Speakers.

HD Video

Perfect visual quality in the ideal location, and through a Waterproof Screen.

Interactive Touch Panels

Complete control of lighting and sound from a single access point.

On-Board Cinema

Experience the emotion of the movies, from the luxury of your yacht.

Marine Telecommunications

Ensure that interaction with the mainland is both simple and quick.

Whatever your requirements, at Mayflower International we develop bespoke automation systems, both on land and at sea.  To discuss what you need to ensure that your luxury yacht is luxurious, speak to our team today and bring expert automation to the waves.

Pro Audio

Integrating Professional Audio into an event can elevate it from entertaining to extraordinary. Using industry leading pro audio equipment, we are able to transform any space, either on a permanent basis or for a specific experience. By combining the science of engineering, with the ingenuity of sound design, our team have all the tools necessary to deliver the spectacular.

The beauty of our Pro Audio services is their scalability. Whether catering for an intimate space that is shared among friends, or an expensive venue to be enjoyed by the masses, our focus is always on the quality of sound. 

Whoever the act, and whoever the audience, the sound and light packages we develop create a unified experience.

The process is a simple one, starting with an assessment of your space. This is an in-depth analysis that measures acoustics, the potential for leakage and overall room coverage. With the mathematics complete, we can then allow our creative juice to flow, and begin work on design. From initial cabling installation, to subsequent commissioning, we will ensure that your system looks and sounds incredible.

For unparalleled sound quality, choose a professional sound system installed by pro audio specialists. If your audience truly appreciates quality sound, then speak to Mayflower International today.

To emphasis our versatility, pro audio installations are possible for:

  • Clubs and Bars
  • Events/Festivals
  • Studio Sound Systems (including Speakers/Mixing Desks/Headphones etc.)
  • Theatres
  • Schools