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HOME CINEMA – Bespoke Furniture For the Film Fanatic

Mayflower London look at bespoke home cinema furniture, an aspect of your immersive viewing experience that can be that decadent icing that’s been missing from your home cinema cake.

So now that you’ve created a wonderful home cinema room with an equally wonderful home cinema system in it, what’s next? Why not top it all off by fully furnishing your home cinema by adding a few pieces of personalised home cinema furniture? In this blog we will look at bespoke home cinema furniture, an aspect of your immersive viewing experience which can be that supremely decadent icing that’s been missing from your delicious home cinema cake.

Would you like a fridge or a subwoofer with that sofa?

Home cinema furniture is an often overlooked and unconsidered aspect of creating a home cinema room, encompassing tables, lamps, shelving, cabinets, and of course, seating.

Housing for screens and projectors are a frequent request, and can come in the basic form of a standard cabinet or cupboard. However, even with something as rudimental as this, there are unlimited possibilities when taking into account automation and customisation. For example, why not have a table in front of your screen that has a secret automate compartment which rises upon operation to reveal your projector? Or perhaps a moving wall fixture which discreetly covers your screen until it’s movie time? These concepts are just a quick taste of the uncompromisingly cool and ultra modern takes on traditional furnishings that are possible in the world of bespoke AV furniture and home automation.

Undoubtedly the most important aspect of home cinema furniture, seating can make all the difference when watching a film. Remember that time you went to watch a marathon of your favourite trilogy in the cinema, but the seat was so uncomfortable that you decided to leave after the first episode? Well, in your personalised home cinema room, that will never be the case. So whether you require some traditional curved theatre or stadium seating for your huge basement size home cinema complex, or just a quilted two person double recliner emblazoned with your family insignia for you and your partner, your options, as illustrated in the paragraph above, are near endless.

Furthermore, your seating can be further customised to your specification with additional features such as built in USB ports, precious metal cup holders (though only for those with the most expensive tastes), built in control panel or tablet modules, swinging dinner/laptop trays, and even seating with its very own attached mini fridge. Going another step further, your seating can be modified to incorporate features that will additionally enhance your immersive film experience such as a built in motion transducers that shake the chair in the event that your speakers or subwoofer reach a certain level (i.e when there is an on screen explosion) or pull down 3D visors. In all probability, you could probably have a chair customised to squirt water or throw pebbles at you if you so desired and had the funds to bankroll it.

Mayflower London can help you create the sofa of your dreams

Mayflower London’s years of home cinema expertise has been a catalyst for building strong relationships with a whole host of different creatives, from architects and interior designers to specialist electricians and automation programmers, all of whom combine to create some of the most innovative, effective, efficient and stylish home cinema rooms in existence. 

Our pool of expert talent includes bespoke furniture designers, with a select few specialising in creating bespoke home cinema furniture. Their creations come in all shapes and sizes, and include but are not restricted to: made-to-measure, custom stained fine oak/mahogany cabinets, compartments and tables, hand knitted cotton lampshades, full grain leather custom recliners and reclining sofas with optional powered headrests, as well as custom chaise longues.

When adding bespoke furniture to your home cinema room, Mayflower London’s team design all aspects of the home cinema room, from the fixtures and furniture to the acoustics, offering a comprehensive set of options for integrating functionality. 

Any fixtures or furniture can be created specifically for each individual client, allowing the team to cater for all tastes and needs.  


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