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Why you need a Lutron Lighting system in your Home

Automated lighting control systems at home, at work, or now, working from home, can make a marked difference, helping to turn mundane daily routines into every day enjoyable moments. If you are looking to add that impressive finishing touch to your home design, a lighting automation system is a perfect addition to your home.

Most often a brand on the tips of tongues in the lighting control and light dimmer market is the globally renowned Lutron who offer premium lighting systems that, when coupled with the best in automation systems, allow us here to create Smart Home and Smart Office designs that are the envy of many a homeowner or business.  


London Lighting Systems

Mayflower London’s dedicated and experienced lighting technicians offer complete lighting solutions, from design and installation all the way through to after service, giving your workspace or home the lighting most appropriate to your preferences along with the aftercare to maintain it. Easily control lighting in a single room with the GRAFIK Eye QS or an entire property with a personalised Quatuum or XPS Lutron lighting system.

Utilising stylish, simple, yet highly sophisticated control panels or your favored mobile device, Lutron can eliminate the need for endless banks of switches and dimmers on the interior and exterior walls. Lutron lighting systems add elegance and sophistication to any home or workspace, offering the ability to preset lighting levels in and around your property or site, on a day or night basis, even hour by hour if so desired.

At Mayflower London, our in-house lighting technicians combine the intelligent application of the latest in energy-efficient bulbs and sustainable technology with all necessary programming and sequencing to provide top of the range lighting installation. Investing in one of Lutron’s automated lighting systems will not only reduce your future running costs but will also bring reductions in the time and effort spent on maintenance, especially for the larger private properties.

Lutron Lighting Automation

A great example of a basic, yet highly effective smart integration of a Lutron lighting automation solution would be for your home cinema entertainment system installation by using a combination of Rania or Lyneo dimmers with Lutron’s seeTouch keypad or their Radio Powr Savr Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor. Not only would this help prevent any glare allowing for optimum picture quality, but one could set the lights to dim automatically, simply by pressing play on a customised remote control or mobile device. 

Lutron lighting is also easily combined with security automation systems to add to your property’s security, helping to maximise the effectiveness of your house or workplace’s security options. Regarding this, Mayflower often recommends incorporating a range of PIRs to trigger lighting scenes without the need for buttons whilst also connecting the home or office alarm system to a Lutron automation system which provides a visual alert should any security be breached.


Lighting Automation Benefits

Another benefit of installing a lighting automation system at home is that, if so desired, you can set the exact level of lighting for every individual task, household chore, room, or floor. So whether it’s going over blueprints and designs in your office at work or home, working on your car in the garage, watching a film with the family, or setting the perfect mood whilst having a bubbly soak with your bathroom illuminated in your favourite colour, Lutron lighting control systems allow you to meticulously adjust the lighting as so desired. 

Top restaurants utilise lighting control systems to help set the mood, creating an atmosphere that can add that certain ‘joie de vivre’ to the meal. A basic Lutron dimmer set at home in your dining room can make this something you can experience whenever you want. So why not turn every family meal at home into a special occasion?

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