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Installing a SMART HOME Automation System with ELAN

Forever mentioned as an industry leader in the field of home automation systems as well as being the premier UK based provider company for these systems, Elan have specialised in this area for many years, and have always created some of the most high quality and long lasting automation technology, coupled with user friendly controls that are almost incomparable.


Our team at Mayflower London have always championed Elan based automation systems, consistently using them as a spine for designing a household or workplace blueprint unique to each client and their needs. Clients are always made fully aware of the range of possibilities when choosing the right automation and control system for office or home. Integrating control of audio and visual, lighting, climate, and security throughout your property as well as on mobile devices, Elan’s patented Automation Control Systems offer household or workplace convenience like never before.


Until recently, automation systems were too complex and costly for most businesses and homes, but now, through advances in technology, greater emphasis on sustainable energy efficiency, together with greater demand for high quality digital AV entertainment and more effective property security, turning your workspace or home into a smart office or smart home is more affordable and makes far better sense than it did ten or twenty years ago. 


Elan Home Systems


Usually combined with the likes of Lutron or Rako, the Elan gSC10 Automation controller makes your office or home work for you in the most convenient fashion, all from a single property located interface or user friendly HR30 remote control, or in fact, from anywhere in the world mobile devices that are Microsoft, Android or IOS enabled. 


The intelligent user interface Touch Panels are supplied as the EL-ITP-12 12’ screen or the 8’ EL-ITP-8-WH screen, both equipped with Elan’s very own IntelliVision video analytics technology. This software which includes over 125 patents enables the latest in facial recognition, movement sensors, and improved metric collection and analysis.


Automation installations provide remote or automatic control in and around your business premises or home. Mayflower London can offer the most sophisticated Elan G automation system available, allowing control over an entire property’s AV whilst managing lighting, climate, security, and communication. At work, these systems not only increase workplace productivity, but also encourage retention of staff and more accurate measurement of metrics.


Audio & Visual Distribution


Mayflower London’s team will ensure total distribution of audio and visual content throughout a household, allowing your favourite films, music, or TV shows to be shown in your living room all the way through to bedrooms, kitchens or even by your indoor pool. At work, give presentations from laptops and other smart devices more impact by seamlessly integrating them through our automated systems. Elan Automated Solutions are not only technologically advanced, but through and through user friendly. 


Not only specialising in automation systems, Elan also have their own range of specially manufactured lighting controls, 4K HDMI solutions including their range of HDbase extenders, matrices,splitters and switchers.


Wireless Security Systems


Bespoke wireless security systems, and camera systems offering the best in HD CCTV. When incorporated into a full property automation design, Elan’s intelligent touch panels, a foundation of their automated systems, can be combined with the latest in these HD camera setups to enable voice activated control and facial recognition, increasing your personal control and adding a further layer of security.


Mayflower’s team most often recommends Elan’s automated systems to homeowners wanting to automate the functions of their home. Their products are well programmed, consistently deliver high functionality and all whilst remaining simple to use. All in all, this means that Elan has always been considered as producing one of the best overall backbones for fully integrating Smart Home functions.


Mayflower Automation Systems


When implementing bespoke Elan automated systems, Mayflower dedicated technicians work closely with the client throughout the process to set up the perfect automation system for your home or business, making for some of the best multi-room AV distribution and security options available. Elan are known for being the most effective out of the box solution, offering a great range of presets and pre-programmed products that will make switching over to an automated system a highly simple and user friendly process, bringing control and accessibility to the functions of your household or workplace without the stress of having to endlessly program and install. 


If you are looking to install an Elan home automation system into your property or office, Mayflower London will provide a bespoke and effective customer experience from start to finish. Call us now to find out more about how you can optimise your property.  


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