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This blog offers a brief overview of some of the latest cutting edge SMART HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) products available for the home. 

In this blog we offer a brief overview of some of the latest cutting edge SMART HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) products that are available for the home and can be incorporated into a household climate control system or as part of a fully integrated SMART Home automation system.


The Heat Controller (Fibaro)

Fibraro’s protected design features a pioneering room analysis algorithm for adaptive self programming and colour control. Voice or mobile app activated, its thermostatic radiator head calculates the necessary time it takes to heat up the room to your desired temperature as based on the cubic capacity of the room, with the temperature indicated by the ring colour on the thermostat. Offering precise temperature management through innovative heating zone management, it further provides the latest in heating scheduling and will provide a decent reduction in your heating costs.

Horizon Thermostat (Crestron)

With an ultra slim profile that is almost flush with the wall upon which it is mounted, Crestron’s integrator and designer friendly Horizon thermostat is instantly compatible with the Crestron Home mobile app platform. With no batteries required, it features a built in proximity sensor that switches on the display upon approach, delivering advanced functionality whilst maintaining a notably discreet aesthetic. Flexible wiring options make it suitable for both fresh installations and retrofits, with the possibility of remotely programming multiple thermostats simultaneously.

Aprilaire Wireless (Control4)

Control4 collaborated with climate control experts Aprilaire to develop a highly efficient yet sophisticated thermostat with a whole set host of adaptive preset and scheduling options, as well as state of the art built-in HVAC control. This allows for a high level of compatibility with cutting edge HVAC options including geothermal, forced air and humidity control systems, allowing for near instant home comfort in terms of temperature, ventilation and humidity.

EL-TSTAT-8820 (Elan)

This internet connected thermostat created by British automation experts Elan was designed to balance all aspects of indoor air quality and features Elan Discovery allowing for a highly simplistic configuration and installation process without the need of a secondary setup application. Creating an environmental experience like no other, temperature, humidity, ventilation, and air purification levels can all be controlled, the EL-TSTAT-8820 can be fitted with additional support modules offering remote sensing, allowing you to discreetly mount the thermostat in a closet or a cupboard whilst still providing evenly distributed temperature control throughout your home.

Air Conditioning/Purifiers

GE Energy Star AHC08LY (GE Appliances)

A reputable brand known for affordability, low maintenance, energy efficiency and a high level of reliability, GE Appliances Energy Star qualified AHC08LY window unit air conditioner may not be aesthetically pleasing as some other window units, but it consistently offers top performance, with the ability to easily cool a room of upto 450 square feet. As well as providing great AC, it also has three fan speeds and works as a dehumidifier removing almost 3 pints of moisture per hour, featuring a more than decent Energy Efficiency Ratio of 10.7.

Gallery 12,000 BTU Cool Connect (Frigidaire)

This aesthetically pleasing cylindrical, UL listed portable air conditioner is controllable via Frigidaire’s dedicated mobile app, voice command or remote, and features a low voltage start up, a clean air ioniser and a cutting edge dry mode that acts as a high performance dehumidifier. Although portable it remains relatively heavy at around 38kg and is just over 3ft tall. This unit still packs a punch and can cool a room of upto 550 square feet without any problems. With a slightly higher EER of 11 than that of GE Appliances AHC08LY window unit, it comes with a standard one year warranty on parts and labour and is also compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Also Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible, this AC unit has better cooling performance than most portable AC units on the market, with LG’s LP1417WSRSM noted as being more precise and energy efficient than most portable AC units as well as being a touch quieter. It’s unique dual rotor compressor offers precise and continuous variable speeds, offering more flexibility in providing the desired temperature under a vast range of environmental conditions. Further control options for this powerful portable 11.7 EER rated AC unit include LG’s smartphone app as well as a dedicated remote control.

Pure Humidify+Cool (Dyson)

Having been developed by the innovative engineers and microbiologists at Dyson, this pioneering, powerful and aesthetically pleasing all-in-one machine has the ability to purify, humidify and cool the air in your room, featuring ten fan speeds offering greater control over the power and the noise, of conventional fans and air purifiers. Its HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter traps 99.7% of volatile organic compounds, pathogens and particulates as small as 0.3 microns. Furthermore, through the Dyson link mobile app, it can calculate the optimal indoor humidity levels relative to local weather data and, with the humidified air that it creates, it drastically reduces the ability of a virus to infect, not to mention the use of UV light within its water pipes which subsequently kills 99.9% of all bacteria. Although it comes at a high cost, those in the market for a humidifier or air purifier will not be disappointed. 



Available in five different models ranging from 650w up to 2000w, these highly popular German built radiators have a longstanding reputation for offering one of the best all round heating experiences available on the market, with an exceptional build quality standard. With a highly acclaimed user interface that is loaded with SMART functionality, Economiser electric radiators feature world class comfort levels and in built heat retaining ceramic technology, with its internal chamotte fireclay plates retaining energy for slow and effective release via the well designed fluted body of the radiator. This easy to install radiator with its side mounted 2.1” TFT display and touchpad control offers an intuitive icon-driven menu also comes wi-fi ready, allowing for control via its Smarthub app on mobile devices.


Available in 600w, 1200w, or 1800w, these Italian built radiators are both aesthetically pleasing and great on performance. Featuring a sealed, heat-retaining thermodynamic fluid core that allows for uniform surface temperature, these radiators are simple to install and provide an energy saving heating ability coupled with subtle design and high build quality. Combining radiated and convected heat output, its 100% metal body means it heats up quicker than most radiators, providing gradual heat release and proportional draw.


The cheapest radiators from our selection, Ecopanel XT Spanish built radiators come as 600w, 900w, 1200w, and 2000w options and have a unique styling. These highly affordable radiators surprisingly don’t compromise on quality. With a slimline, unobtrusive yet elegant design, it has all the energy saving features of more costly premium brand radiators, with precise proportional thermostatic control minimising energy wastage. Its ‘X’ shaped convective element offers swift heat up and continuous output adjustment for a decent level of temperature stabilisation, while its multi-function SMART programmer makes it one of the most user friendly radiators available.

Mayflower London have over a decade of experience in installing HVAC climate control systems, either as a sole upgrade installation, or as part of a fully integrated SMART Home automation system. This means that our team makes sure to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest climate control products, especially those that offer the highest recognised levels of energy efficiency, further enabling us to create long term cost saving and genuinely sustainable climate control systems. Furthermore, if there is a specific piece of technology that a client is keen on, our team will be able to acquire it and will always provide options for its incorporation into their personalised, bespoke climate control system.


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