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Mayflower London briefly illustrate what an effective, highly functional, automated and integrated climate control HVAC system is, and the benefits that arise from owning one.

In this blog, we will briefly highlight the benefits and elements that make up an effective, highly functional, automated and integrated climate control HVAC system.

Home climate control: Then, and now

Though they have all been widely available for some decades, prior to the arrival of SMART Technology and the ‘Internet of Things’, integrated HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and climate control systems simply didn’t exist; they were entirely distinct functions of environmental control in the home, with each of their respective operations being entirely separate and individually controlled. 

Now, with the widespread proliferation, affordability and availability of SMART technology as propelled by the advent of voice activated household SMART controllers such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, let alone the products of automation industry leaders such as Crestron, Elan or Control4, full integration of the distinct functional aspects of climate control (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and air purification) has never been more accessible. Controlling and maintaining your climatic preferences at home has never been easier, more effective, or more energy efficient.

Benefits beyond energy and cost savings

Although in the short term it may be more taxing on the pocket than solely installing the aspects of home climate control individually, in the long run a well designed, properly functioning integrated climate control system will offer not just energy savings but savings on cost as well.

Apart from the cost and energy savings that arise from an integrated SMART climate control system, there are further benefits. Most obviously, household convenience has been considerably enhanced, with all the different functions of your climate control system being easily programmed to the homeowner’s precise preferences, all at the click of a single button or single voice command.

Furthermore, a complete, fully integrated household SMART climate control system that includes HVAC as well as air purifying functions can have a number of health benefits. In light of the recent global pandemic and rising levels of pollution, having a good level of ventilation is now more of a necessity than ever before. Additionally, cutting edge humidifiers such as …. can be set to create levels of humidity (around 40%) within the home that make the air uninhabitable for approximately 75-80% of viruses’. Often these state of the art humidifiers treat the water with which they humidify the air with UV light, this part of the light spectrum further eliminating 99.9% of bacteria. Finally, air purifiers with official HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters such as … trap over 99% of volatile organic compounds, particulates and pathogens.

These three functions of air ventilation, air humidification, and air purification, when combined and properly integrated into a well designed system, can offer maximum safety and peace of mind for homeowners in terms of health and hygiene, almost totally eliminating all known forms of virus, bacteria, and pathogens. Without full integration, these three functions will still have a positive effect on the air quality but to a lesser extent.

Worth every single penny if you can afford it!

Since the advent of the pandemic, Mayflower London’s climate control technicians have been focused on designing and programming fully integrated SMART climate control systems that not only offer our clients the ability to control the temperature within the home easily and quickly, but also are designed in such a way as to offer optimal air quality that is as free from malevolent particles as is scientifically possible, necessitated through full process of ventilation, humidification, and purification. Furthermore, once one of our bespoke climate control systems has been installed, as part of Mayflower London’s industry leading aftercare package, our team can routinely stop by as often as is desired to ensure the system is properly maintained and performing at its highest capacity.

In conclusion, Mayflower London advocates the opinion that it now more than ever makes sense to spend that little bit extra on your household climate control system. However, not just for the cost savings, the energy savings, or the sheer convenience of having the whole system initialize through one push of your mobile device or your voice command, but for the fact that it offers maximum peace of mind in these days of ‘the new normal’, a time where doubts over personal safety and health are around every corner and even on your own doorstep, where high levels of personal hygiene and air that is as free from pathogens as possible should become conventional as soon as is humanly possible.


Mayflower International is following Government advice closely and taking all necessary precautions. The health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is always our top priority. Therefore we want to re-assure all our customers that we have put in place continuity plans to ensure providing as many of our services as usual.