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Designing Your Lighting Automation System With Mayflower

Having quality lighting in your home is an underestimated element of our daily lives, with much of our day relying on the use of lighting. Controlling your lighting with a lighting automation system not only improves your day-to-day life but also improves your energy efficiency, cost of living and home design. If you are looking to automate the lighting of your home, you have come to the right place.

At Mayflower London, we offer integrated lighting and control solutions which can be installed into your home to set the perfect scene and ambience for any occasion. Whether you are interested in hosting a party or more simply, modernising the aesthetics of your interiors, a lighting control system will enable you to enjoy a digital lifestyle with luxury home automation at an affordable price no matter where you are in the world.

Why you need a lighting system in your home

Energy & Time Saving

A home automation system can help to ensure your home energy usage is the most efficient it can be. By controlling your home lighting from one simple screen, you are able to ensure lights are all switched off when rooms are not in use and lights are on energy saving mode when natural light can be used instead. A more advanced system will even ensure that motion sensors confirm when a room is occupied/unoccupied and will turn the lights on/off depending. Lighting can also be programmed to dim as the sun sets which makes for a smooth transition from day to night.

You can even set lighting “moods” for different times of the day and even different occasions which allows a pre-set lighting mood to be selected at ease, creating atmosphere depending on the situation.

Improved Safety

We have all experienced the middle of the night fumble to get to the bathroom, why not install lighting sensors into your home which will illuminate your path to the bathroom as you walk it. If you are away from your home for long periods of time, creating a “holiday” lighting scene is a great way to deter any potential intruders. By creating this scene, lights can automatically be turned on for a few hours every evening to mimic occupancy. Whilst this method is not the most energy efficient, it brings a level of peace-of-mind whilst you are out of your nest.


A lighting system can also be stylish and fit into the modern interiors of your home design. Say goodbye to garish light panels which can interrupt the smooth and well-planned design of your home and instead consider a home automation screen which can be mounted to your wall in your home flawlessly.

Which lighting systems are best?


Lutron is a big name in the Home Automation industry, with lighting systems solutions for any size home or budget. With a focus on making vibrant lighting a part of any space through adjusting shades and overhead lights to ensure optimal lighting throughout the day.

Energy saving is also a large focus of a Lutron lighting system, with the ability to instal occupancy sensors which ensure lights are never left on when a room is not in use.


Crestron is another big name in the industry which focuses on saving you both money and energy. By understanding and mirroring everyday lifestyle and routines, a Crestron lighting system is then able to create intelligent lighting routines which can support your lifestyle in many different ways. This lighting system ensures your energy is managed efficiently whilst also ensuring the life span of your lightbulbs is prolonged as a result of minimised usage. Crestron and Lutron are on a similar level for functionality but Crestron is slightly more integratable with your other home automation systems such as heating and air conditioning meaning all elements of your home can be aligned and controlled simultaneously.


Another lighting automation option is an Elan lighting system. This system is a great solution for home and office usage and for other medium to large spaces. Lighting “moods” can be set using your Elan smart home panel, tablet or phone and your home lighting can be transformed into the perfect party setting, a relaxing sanctuary or simply all turned off before you go to bed at night.

For more information on the benefits of home lighting systems or any further questions regarding which of these products is optimal for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. 


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