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Why you need an automation system within your office space

Installing a smart automation system into your office space can help to make everyday work tasks more efficient and time effective. Imagine working in an office where everything can be controlled with ease from several inbuilt digital screens, from lighting to aircon and security systems, it can all be controlled from screens located throughout your office. Creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for your employees is important to encourage maximum productivity and work output, by installing an automation system all levels of comfort can be easily controlled.

Not only does the installation of an automation system make your workplace easier to control, it is also a great step towards making a more environmentally friendly office, where resources can be controlled and limited depending on usage.


Office Automation


Office Lighting Control

With large office spaces, it can become difficult to ensure lights are switched off when not in use, often leading to high energy wastage and damage to the environment as a consequence. Our lighting systems combine the use of the latest bulb and lighting technology, alongside the best programming from our in-house lighting technicians who are on hand to create you the most effective lighting system for your office space.


Office Lighting Systems


Different purpose rooms, require different lighting levels and settings and in an office space, where there is often very little natural lighting, illuminating the space properly whilst not being too harsh and bold can be difficult. In video conferencing rooms and other rooms where screens are used, light dimmers can be fitted to ensure the screen can be seen at all times. Our team of lighting experts will be on hand to ensure your lighting system is the best fit for your space.


Office Climate Control

There is nothing worse than shivering in a cold office in the winter or sweating in the midst of summer. Not only is this uncomfortable for your employees but working in an uncomfortable climate means work productivity levels will not be at their optimum. A climate control system can help you stay in control of the temperature in different rooms of your office, ensuring that the temperature is comfortable for everyone and encourages positive work output. 

Mayflower will integrate the perfect automated temperature controller system for you, allowing you to have real-time or programmed automated timed climate control so that your environment is always comfortable and just the way you want it at different times of the day.


Office Voice and Video Conferencing Systems

Internal and external meetings are an important and essential part of many companies daily activities.  With our voice and video conferencing system, you are able to have a video conference call from the Board Room with another department elsewhere in the building, with the installation of our system this can be done at the click of a button. Alternatively, if you need to make video conference calls between yourself and other offices abroad, we can install a system for this too. There is nothing more frustrating than limited vision or audio when making an important conference call, so incorporating a Voice and Video Conferencing System into your office automation plans is key in avoiding this.

 Control this system in multiple rooms, from the boardroom to the office at the touch of a button. Lower the screen, dim the lights and start your visual display of conference calls; from our video conference equipment. Smart office video automation is designed, supplied, installed and programmed by our in-house experts. You may not even know just what the possibilities are, which is why we’re here to provide you with expert advice to enable you to make full use of your office environment.


Office Conferencing


Office Security and Door Entry

With hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of electronics and technology being stored within so many offices overnight and at the weekends, a high quality security system is one hundred percent necessary to keep your office safe and protected from thieves and damage. An automated security system within your office can be as extensive or limited as you require, depending on how secure you would like your office to be, from CCTV security to limited door access to different rooms within your building and alarm activation Mayflower can provide a range of various services to keep your space secure. 

We will install the perfect door entry system for your building. You’ll be able to control your entire building with one central access control system. Our systems allow a recorded trail of use for your requirements, so no need for different user fobs or control points. Access control is a huge part of a business or home functioning safely and securely, so selecting the right equipment is imperative. Mayflower will work with you to advise you of what is available and what would work best as your access control system.


Office Digital Signage

Good external and internal signage is extremely important for establishing your business to those in the surrounding areas. Greet clients and guests with a high-bright outdoor screen located on the outside of your office building and you can even display lit up information about upcoming events and news. Using our outdoor, weatherproof LED screens will make a real impact to passers by whilst acting as marketing for your company.


Digital Signage Displays

Here are just several reasons an automation system is an important factor to consider when designing and updating your office space. When all systems can be fully controlled by the touch of a button on a wall mounted and integrated digital screen, keeping tabs on your energy usage could not be easier. With the current state of the environment, ensuring energy usage is kept to a minimum is an essential part of creating a sustainable office space whilst also creating a comfortable space for employees to work productively. Get in contact to find out how Mayflower can assist your office automation journey.

To create a seamless office space, consider installing these automation features into your corporate building in order to create a comfortable and easy to control space for your employees. Get in contact to find out more. 


Mayflower International is following Government advice closely and taking all necessary precautions. The health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is always our top priority. Therefore we want to re-assure all our customers that we have put in place continuity plans to ensure providing as many of our services as usual.