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Home Cinema Systems

Incorporating a home cinema system is the best way to watch your favourite movies or TV series,  as you allow yourself to become fully immersed in the cinema experience within the comfort of your own home. At Mayflower we specialise in bringing the magic of the cinema to a space within your home, allowing you to sit back, relax and view films on a cinema quality screen. 

Home Cinema Systems

Are you looking to convert your basement space? Or modernise and improve your lounge? We will plan and design a home cinema space to suit your needs, space and design preferences! Get in contact with our experts today, to design and install your personalised home cinema and create the perfect space for entertaining friends, family or simply yourself!


Home Cinema Screen 

Crystal clear visuals make your viewing the most immersive experience possible, creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. For customers looking for a High Dynamic Range screen with corner to corner imagery, our projector screens are the choice for you. With the latest and most modern projector technology, Mayflower will ensure your cinema visuals are clear and crisp on your projector screen. Whether you choose to have your projector screen visible or hidden on an electric tab tension, we will ensure your cinema space is modern and designed with your interior goals in mind. 


Home Cinema Lighting 

There is nothing more exciting than when you are sat in the cinema, waiting for the film to begin and the lights dim into darkness. The anticipation of the film beginning, combined with the nostalgic childhood cinema memories is enough to get anyone excited for what is to come. At Mayflower we aim to capture this magic and excitement by installing a lighting automation system into your home which allows lighting “scenes” to be created which match times of the day or regular activities. Create a “cinema scene” to prepare your home cinema space for your movie and at the touch of a button, lights will dim and mood lighting will switch on. We can even install floor spot lighting, for the full cinema experience.


Home Cinema Seating 

With some movies spanning over two hours, it is essential that the seating in your cinema space is both comfortable and practical. At Mayflower, we recommend you install dedicated cinema seating. Why not take your immersive experience to the next level with D-box style motion seating for a 4D cinema experience and really impress your guests! 

Home Cinema Seating

Home Cinema Audio 

It is certainly true that good audio makes up half of the cinema experience so when installing a home cinema, thinking about how to achieve the best audio quality is essential. Audio is not just thinking about the quality of your speaker you are installing but thinking about how the room size, wallpaper and furnishing will react and respond to the sound being produced. To ensure you achieve optimal audio quality, Mayflower will visit your space to evaluate the specific products you will need and the potential interior redesigns which may need to take place in order to achieve your home-cinema goals. Whilst creating the perfect audio to accompany your movie is extremely important, keeping this sound contained to your cinema room is equally as important as ensuring you do not disturb the rest of your house or your neighbours! When designing your cinema room, we will ensure we take into consideration sound proofing your space and the best way to incorporate this into your home design plans.


Installing a home-cinema into your space will provide years of entertainment, and you’ll never have to visit the cinema again! Invite friends over for a movie night and impress them with your fully immersive home cinema experience! Get in contact to find out how you can transform a space within your home, no matter what the size, shape or location, at Mayflower we will offer you a well rounded, efficient home cinema solution.

Our Home Cinema Services

  • First Fix Cinema cabling
  • Sound-proofing design and installation
  • Cinema equipment to suit all budgets and requirements
  • Recessed electric tab-tensioned, or fixed projector screens
  • Automated projector lift mechanisms
  • Lighting design and installation
  • Dedicated cinema seating, including D-box style motion seating for a 4D experience
  • In-wall, in-ceiling, on wall or floor-standing cinema speakers
  • Dolby Atmos cinema systems
  • THX certified cinema equipment
  • FULL HD 1080P projectors, 4K projectors and 3D projectors


Mayflower International is following Government advice closely and taking all necessary precautions. The health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is always our top priority. Therefore we want to re-assure all our customers that we have put in place continuity plans to ensure providing as many of our services as usual.