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Modern Bathroom Technology for Your Smart Home

With the development of smart appliances, everyday life has been transformed, with tasks being made shorter and easier to complete. Even your bathroom space should be considered in your home automation plans in order to ensure the space is relaxing and convenient to use on a daily basis. Some of the most exciting tech releases are designed for use in the bathroom with the aim to increase the connectivity, productivity and efficiency of your home.  

Smart Sinks and Showers

As a space which is used multiple times a day by all members of the household, automated and personalised bathing routines can be achieved by using smart shower and sink technology. With state of the art technology, facial recognition can be used to personalise shower temperature, not only does this mean that you will always enter the shower at your preferred temperature, but it can also ensure children are protected from scalding themselves. Personalisation can be taken even further with oil diffusion and playlists available depending on your preferences. You will never want to leave the bathroom again!

Smart Home Bathroom

Smart Lighting 

Lighting control in your home has many advantages over conventional light switches and dimmers. Lighting scenes can be created depending on the ambiance of each room and these scenes can be changed at the touch of a button. This is particularly effective in rooms such as the bathroom, where a “relax” scene can be created- imagine relaxing in the bath with all lighting dimmed to your individual preference by pressing a button labelled “relax”. Switch between different scenes depending on time of the day and your preference, brighter lighting may be needed during your evening skincare routine, and dimmed lighting when you are finding your zen whilst soaking in the bath.

Smart Mirror 

When smart mirrors launched in 2018 they made a massive mark in the smart-home market, becoming a staple item in bathroom automation. Control almost everything in your home from the mirror in your bathroom, adjust lighting, watch videos and even look at the weather whilst you are getting ready in the morning. Just like a tablet, a smart mirror can even manage emails, browse social media whilst you get ready for work or whilst you unwind in the evening before bed. It is the perfect way to ensure you are fully prepared for the day ahead.


Waterproof Screens

Waterproof bathroom TV screens are an essential part of an automated bathroom, gone are the days of balancing your laptop on the side of the bath, or risking holding your iphone over the water. Take your relaxation to the next level by installing a waterproof TV screen in your bathroom, allowing you to watch films or your favorite series whilst soaking in the bath. We can’t think of a more relaxing or indulgent way to spend an evening.

Bathroom Smart Home

With the bathroom being on of the most frequently used rooms in the home, it should not be forgotten when thinking about home automation. Which of these smart-bathroom features will you incorporate into your home automation plans?