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Automating your Kitchen

The kitchen is often thought of as the central hub of your home as it is here that food is cooked, conversations are had and memories are made. One size fits all certainly doesn’t apply to kitchen automation and your personal lifestyle and preferences will control and affect your needs in the kitchen in terms of automation. With the major developments in the field of kitchen appliance automation, there has never been a better time to begin to integrate your home automation plans into your kitchen space.

Why you need to automate your kitchen

  1. Save time
  2. Save money
  3. Control of appliances from the palm of your hand
  4. Safety

Underfloor heating and cooling control

Climate control is essential for comfortable living and the temperature of your kitchen is no exception. When the oven is on in the height of summer, your kitchen can get pretty toasty and can become an uncomfortable place to spend your time. By installing Mayflower’s integrated control systems, the temperature can easily be regulated using underfloor heating and cooling, controlled via an in-wall touchscreen or a mobile smart device. A target temperature can even be set for different rooms in your home which will enable the underfloor heating to automatically kick-in when the temperature drops below the target temperature, meaning you will never get too cold. Likewise, if the target temperature is exceeded, the underfloor heating will switch off and the cooling system will take over.

Appliance Automation

Recent advances in home automation technology means there has never been a better time to automate your kitchen. With several appliance brands riding the “smart home” wave and adapting to the changing market by incorporating high tech aspects to their products. Keep reading to find out our top smart product picks for your kitchen.


Smart Fridges

If you have been looking into automating your kitchen, you will have noticed the rise in smart fridges on the market. Many people have the conception that these appliances are purely a gimmick but they can in fact have a positive effect on your every-day kitchen routine.

The Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge is one of the largest names in the smart fridge market. Not only can this fridge fit up to 32 bags of shopping, the interactive screen which works as a family pinboard is also very impressive. The LED screen acts as a handy family hub, allowing you to display reminders, electronic calendars and play music, adding a sense of organisation to your everyday life. These fridges also have intelligent in-built systems which work to keep your produce fresh, using increased air-flow and bacteria zapping technology, meaning your fruit and veg will last for longer.   

Possibly the most impressive feature of the fridge is the inbuilt interior cameras. These cameras allow you to view what is inside without opening the doors. These cameras can also be accessed from your mobile device, allowing you to check your stock from the supermarket, preventing over-purchasing or forgetting anything!

Want to experience the benefits of the smart fridge camera, without the expensive price tag? This in-fridge camera is a great alternative to replacing your whole fridge, whilst allowing you to view the contents of your fridge from your phone like a smart-fridge would!

Smart Oven

Smart Oven

If you are used to being rushed off of your feet in the evenings, you may feel like there is not enough time in the day to prepare and cook nutritious and healthy dinners. Installing a smart oven into your kitchen space can make cooking for yourself of your family quicker and hassle free.

This smart-oven by Whirlpool uses amazing 6th sense technology which senses the weight of the food and adjusts the oven temperature and timing to cook your food accordingly, eliminating risks of burnt food! This oven also connects to your wifi, allowing you to turn the oven on or off remotely using the app. Turn on your oven whilst you are travelling home from work by using the app, and eliminate wasted time pre-heating. Everyone dreads the difficult job of cleaning your oven, this smart-oven also includes a hydrolytic cleaning function which works by using steam to loosen grease, making the cleaning process so much simpler!

Those are our top home automation picks. Will you be incorporating any of these features into your home?


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