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Laser Projector

Epson EH-LS10000


This revolutionary new product from Epson is one of the best laser projectors on the market, offering the blackest blacks, the brightest whites and one of the widest colour gamuts in the industry. When only want the best tech will do for your home cinema, the Epson EH-LS10000 laser projector should be at the top of your shopping list.

Epson’s Best Laser Projector

The Epson EH-LS10000 laser projector brings a whole world of new capabilities to the table. Using the most revolutionary new 3LCD reflective laser projection technology, the Epson EH-LS10000 laser projector delivers phenomenal image quality unlike any projector you’ve ever seen. Thanks to an increased aperture ratio, a more efficient duel laser light source and the latest 4K enhancement technology, you’re left with incredible detail, exceptional colour brightness and the chance to see your favourite shows, movies and games in a whole new level of beautifully crisp clarity. Epson’s best laser projector to date isn’t all about the tech though – it’s designed to be the most convenient projector on the market too. With as little as 20 seconds between hitting on and watching your shows, you no longer have to wait for your projector lamps to heat up or cool down, meaning that you can get to your viewing quicker than ever – the shutdown is near instantaneous too. This elegantly curved matte black projector looks as sleek and impressive as it sounds too, and thanks to its whisper quiet cooling fan your guests won’t even notice that there’s a projector in the room.

Why choose Mayflower for your new EH-LS10000 projector?

Here at Mayflower we’re experts at all things audiovisual. Not only are we one of Epson’s few select partners with this impressive piece of technology in the UK, but we’re fully able to integrate it into your existing home AV system. The Epson EH-LS10000 laser projector features dual HDMI connectivity, including a HDMI HDCP2.2 port, a LAN port for automatic email notifications should any problems arise and easy integration into your home automation systems thanks to the RS-232c port. The EH-LS10000 projector really is one of the most impressive pieces of technology on the AV market, and with Mayflower you can have it set up in your home cinema in no time at all. If you have any questions about this incredible new laser projector from Epson, don’t hesitate to contact us today. A member of our team will be more than happy to help with any concerns you may have.