Modern Bathroom Technology for Your Smart Home

Smart Bathroom

With the development of smart appliances, everyday life has been transformed, with tasks being made shorter and easier to complete. Even your bathroom space should be considered in your home automation plans in order to ensure the space is relaxing and convenient to use on a daily basis. Some of the most exciting tech releases are designed for use in the bathroom with the aim to increase the connectivity, productivity and efficiency of your home.  

Smart Sinks and Showers

As a space which is used multiple times a day by all members of the household, automated and personalised bathing routines can be achieved by using smart shower and sink technology. With state of the art technology, facial recognition can be used to personalise shower temperature, not only does this mean that you will always enter the shower at your preferred temperature, but it can also ensure children are protected from scalding themselves. Personalisation can be taken even further with oil diffusion and playlists available depending on your preferences. You will never want to leave the bathroom again!

Smart Home Bathroom

Smart Lighting 

Lighting control in your home has many advantages over conventional light switches and dimmers. Lighting scenes can be created depending on the ambiance of each room and these scenes can be changed at the touch of a button. This is particularly effective in rooms such as the bathroom, where a “relax” scene can be created- imagine relaxing in the bath with all lighting dimmed to your individual preference by pressing a button labelled “relax”. Switch between different scenes depending on time of the day and your preference, brighter lighting may be needed during your evening skincare routine, and dimmed lighting when you are finding your zen whilst soaking in the bath.

Smart Mirror 

When smart mirrors launched in 2018 they made a massive mark in the smart-home market, becoming a staple item in bathroom automation. Control almost everything in your home from the mirror in your bathroom, adjust lighting, watch videos and even look at the weather whilst you are getting ready in the morning. Just like a tablet, a smart mirror can even manage emails, browse social media whilst you get ready for work or whilst you unwind in the evening before bed. It is the perfect way to ensure you are fully prepared for the day ahead.


Waterproof Screens

Waterproof bathroom TV screens are an essential part of an automated bathroom, gone are the days of balancing your laptop on the side of the bath, or risking holding your iphone over the water. Take your relaxation to the next level by installing a waterproof TV screen in your bathroom, allowing you to watch films or your favorite series whilst soaking in the bath. We can’t think of a more relaxing or indulgent way to spend an evening.

Bathroom Smart Home

With the bathroom being on of the most frequently used rooms in the home, it should not be forgotten when thinking about home automation. Which of these smart-bathroom features will you incorporate into your home automation plans? 

Automating your Kitchen

Kitchen Automation

The kitchen is often thought of as the central hub of your home as it is here that food is cooked, conversations are had and memories are made. One size fits all certainly doesn’t apply to kitchen automation and your personal lifestyle and preferences will control and affect your needs in the kitchen in terms of automation. With the major developments in the field of kitchen appliance automation, there has never been a better time to begin to integrate your home automation plans into your kitchen space.

Why you need to automate your kitchen

  1. Save time
  2. Save money
  3. Control of appliances from the palm of your hand
  4. Safety

Underfloor heating and cooling control

Climate control is essential for comfortable living and the temperature of your kitchen is no exception. When the oven is on in the height of summer, your kitchen can get pretty toasty and can become an uncomfortable place to spend your time. By installing Mayflower’s integrated control systems, the temperature can easily be regulated using underfloor heating and cooling, controlled via an in-wall touchscreen or a mobile smart device. A target temperature can even be set for different rooms in your home which will enable the underfloor heating to automatically kick-in when the temperature drops below the target temperature, meaning you will never get too cold. Likewise, if the target temperature is exceeded, the underfloor heating will switch off and the cooling system will take over.

Appliance Automation

Recent advances in home automation technology means there has never been a better time to automate your kitchen. With several appliance brands riding the “smart home” wave and adapting to the changing market by incorporating high tech aspects to their products. Keep reading to find out our top smart product picks for your kitchen.


Smart Fridges

If you have been looking into automating your kitchen, you will have noticed the rise in smart fridges on the market. Many people have the conception that these appliances are purely a gimmick but they can in fact have a positive effect on your every-day kitchen routine.

The Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge is one of the largest names in the smart fridge market. Not only can this fridge fit up to 32 bags of shopping, the interactive screen which works as a family pinboard is also very impressive. The LED screen acts as a handy family hub, allowing you to display reminders, electronic calendars and play music, adding a sense of organisation to your everyday life. These fridges also have intelligent in-built systems which work to keep your produce fresh, using increased air-flow and bacteria zapping technology, meaning your fruit and veg will last for longer.   

Possibly the most impressive feature of the fridge is the inbuilt interior cameras. These cameras allow you to view what is inside without opening the doors. These cameras can also be accessed from your mobile device, allowing you to check your stock from the supermarket, preventing over-purchasing or forgetting anything!

Want to experience the benefits of the smart fridge camera, without the expensive price tag? This in-fridge camera is a great alternative to replacing your whole fridge, whilst allowing you to view the contents of your fridge from your phone like a smart-fridge would!

Smart Oven

Smart Oven

If you are used to being rushed off of your feet in the evenings, you may feel like there is not enough time in the day to prepare and cook nutritious and healthy dinners. Installing a smart oven into your kitchen space can make cooking for yourself of your family quicker and hassle free.

This smart-oven by Whirlpool uses amazing 6th sense technology which senses the weight of the food and adjusts the oven temperature and timing to cook your food accordingly, eliminating risks of burnt food! This oven also connects to your wifi, allowing you to turn the oven on or off remotely using the app. Turn on your oven whilst you are travelling home from work by using the app, and eliminate wasted time pre-heating. Everyone dreads the difficult job of cleaning your oven, this smart-oven also includes a hydrolytic cleaning function which works by using steam to loosen grease, making the cleaning process so much simpler!

Those are our top home automation picks. Will you be incorporating any of these features into your home?

Why You Need a Home Automation System

What is home automation? Home automation works by bringing together all of the smart devices in your home onto a single screen or mobile device, which can then be controlled from anywhere in the world. Devices which can be controlled by home automation range from lighting all the way through to kitchen appliances such as fridges. The latest technology in the field is now becoming inclusive of all rooms in the house, allowing even bathrooms to become automated, for instance the use of pre-set shower preferences which can be controlled by facial recognition. Not only are these home automation systems extremely modern and convenient, they also have many other purposes and benefits including increased security and energy use reduction.

Home automation has taken major advances in the past year, with new technological developments allowing your home to be more convenient, cost effective and safer than ever!

Now is the best time to make the change to full home automation, but why should you invest in automating your home and how can it improve your everyday lifestyle?

Energy and Cost Saving

As home automation becomes increasingly popular, you may be questioning if the investment will be worth it in the long-run. Similarly to solar energy, home automation can be costly upfront but can certainly save you a large amount of money in the future. Home automation is a great way of improving your energy efficiency, as your lighting system and heating system can be controlled throughout the day, saving you money on your energy bills.

Lighting is a central aspect of home automation and is also the main area in which energy can be saved. Smart lighting allows you to dim your lights, meaning your light bulbs last longer and electricity is saved in the process. Lights can also be programmed to turn on and off at certain times of the day, meaning no lights are left on during the day when the home is unoccupied. If you happen to leave the home without turning the lights off, these can also be controlled from your phone where you can turn them off remotely! You can even take this to the next level and install a motion detection system which powers down any electronics when rooms are not in use.

Heating your home can be expensive, especially if you are constantly forgetting to turn the heating off when you leave the house. Smart Home technology allows you to program your thermostat with timings and preferences throughout the day to ensure energy is being used efficiently. Programming your heating to turn on/off at certain times in the day can help save homeowners an average of 23% on heating costs.

Home Security

Home automation can help put your mind at ease in terms of home security and protecting your home against theft and damage, and this is one of the most popular reasons people initially start thinking about home automation. A smart home security system is simple to instal and monitor, connecting your Wi-Fi and allowing you to access footage of your home remotely via a mobile device. Motion sensors are becoming an increasingly popular feature of these systems, triggering your camera to begin recording if the sensor is activated.

Have you ever been sitting at work and suddenly become overwhelmed with panic trying to remember if you locked the front door? Save yourself the stress (and time of driving home on your lunch break) by installing a home automation system which allows you to lock the front door remotely from an app on your phone. These systems can be particularly effective if you are heading away on holiday and are worried about your home whilst you are away. Using a home security system allows you to check on your home and also receive alerts if there is any unusual movement or activity. You can take safety a step further by programming a pre-set lighting system to mimic occupation and deter burglars.

Everyday Convenience

Convenience is certainly a key aspect of home automation, and in a world where everyone is so busy, we are constantly looking for ways in which to make our daily activities quicker and more convenient. Home Automation focuses on getting things done easier, better and faster than previously which as a result equates to convenience. You will be able to save time spent doing many of your day-to-day tasks as your appliances are able to do these things themselves. Rather than going from room to room turning lights off, set a schedule for the lights to switch off at a certain time by themselves. Save time watering your garden by setting a timer for your sprinkler to switch on automatically. These are just several ways in which a home automation system can add convenience to your everyday lifestyle.

With advances happening every day in the field of home automation, it is important to ensure you are making the most of the systems available to you when designing and installing your smart home. Get in contact with us to ensure your home is expertly installed, integrated and programmed. If you have any questions about how home automation products can change the way your home operates, or if you would like more information on any of our services here at Mayflower, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our expert team on 0207 722 0067 today.