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HOME CLIMATE CONTROL – Basic Setup or Ultimate Setup?

In this blog Mayflower London assess what constitutes a basic and an ultimate climate control setup, and how they fulfill specific household needs. The Question beckons… The straightforward Toyota Prius..? Or a supremely racey Bugatti Veyron? A good piece of steak..? Or the full roast dinner, with all of the scrumptious trimmings?   Just a quick […]

HOME LIGHTING – Why LED lighting is a much needed game changer

Mayflower London highlight how LEDs can play a helpful role in the international push to save the planet and how they have become the ‘go to’ lighting option right across the globe. In this blog we highlight the numerous benefits of LEDs that have led to them becoming the ‘go to’ lighting option for both […]

HOME LIGHTING – The Evolving World of Different Light Bulbs & Light Switches

Mayflower London details the light bulbs and light switches available for use as part of a fresh lighting installation and a fully integrated, bespoke SMART Home automation system.  So, you’ve decided that you want to replace or upgrade the existing lighting system in your home, but all you know about household lighting is that it […]

HOME LIGHTING – Creating Specific Lighting Themes for Different Rooms

In this blog Mayflower London explores the appropriate and popular lighting themes for specific rooms around the household and how they are most commonly achieved. When deciding upon the level of lighting for the different rooms around the home, it generally follows that rooms where daily household tasks are performed should generally be brightly lit, […]

HOME LIGHTING – Lutron Caséta, Serena, Smart Bridge & Clear Connect

Mayflower London review Lutron’s acclaimed dimming system and motorised shades, not forgetting to include the mobile app and proprietary radio technology that controls them both. The prices of SMART dimmers and shades have seen a great reduction in price over the last few years for the average consumer,, although the fanciest and most powerful examples […]

HOME LIGHTING – Freestanding / Fixed Lighting Fixtures and Purpose Lighting

So, you’ve decided to totally revamp your household lighting but you don’t have the foggiest idea of what’s what. If that’s the case, then this blog from Mayflower London is just for you. So, you’ve decided to totally revamp your household lighting but you don’t have the foggiest idea of what’s what. If that’s the […]

Soundproofing for Home Cinema installations

This blog looks at concepts that ensure daily household routines can continue without a hint of disturbance even while one is indulging in a full volume viewing or listening experience. One thing that we all readily know and recognise about the nature of sound is that it travels even more than Phileas Fogg. Any spaces […]