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Crestron Lighting Systems in Your Home

What is Crestron Home Automation?

When discussing making the transition to a smart home, it won’t be long before the brand Crestron are mentioned. Crestron have been producing arguably the world’s best environmental systems since their founding in 1968. Due to their exceptional quality and design, they can be found in some of the world’s most respected institutions including Microsoft’s headquarters in Washington and even one of the situation rooms at the Pentagon. Due to the recent development of home automation technology, these top of the art Crestron systems can now be installed into your own home.

A Crestron home automation system helps your home look it’s best whilst simultaneously improving the enjoyment and comfort of the home owners. Crestron is a system which simply brings together all of the smart devices in your home, allowing you to have complete control over everything with ease from one simple screen. This can range from controlling the audio levels of speakers in different rooms, to using light to stimulate occupancy whilst you are on holiday.

How can Crestron be integrated into your home?

A Crestron system can connect many areas of your home, including:

  • Home network
  • Satellite
  • Telephone
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Shading
  • Video and Home Theater
  • HVAC
  • CCTV & Security

With Crestron home automation, a variety of different home “scenes” can be preset deprending on your interior preferences for different times of the day or occasions. Use the “wake” scene in the morning to raise automated blinds, gently increase the lighting and adjust the temperature of your room to your preferred heat. Hosting a movie night in your home cinema? There is even a “showtime” scene which will perfectly prepare your room for your movie night by lowering the blinds, dimming the lights and switching on your home cinema. These are just two examples of the many scenes available to pre-set within your home!

Crestron Lighting

Installing a Crestron lighting system can save both money and energy. By mirroring your everyday life, the system can be used to create an intelligent lighting routine, which guarantees that lights are only being used when a room is occupied. This system ensures your energy is being managed efficiently, increasing the lifespan of your light bulbs as a result. Crestron can fully integrate with HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) systems and motorised shades, helping to balance the natural lighting with the electric lighting in your home, making it an energy efficient and a comfortable place to live.

Home Automation Control System

Why Choose Mayflower for your Crestron Home Automation?

At Mayflower, we take pride in installing, integrating and programming top of the range Crestron home automation systems with the goal of bringing both luxury and convenience to your home. Whilst providing you with the technological means to fulfil your home automation dreams, we will also ensure your Crestron system is fully personalised to your everyday needs.

If you are interested in having a Crestron system fitted into your home or would like more information on our services at Mayflower, do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team on 02077220067 who will be able to advise and direct you on your options.



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